Raising Awareness for ALS

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A red heart shape and a medical stethoscope.Since July, the ALS Association has raised well over $15 million for research due to the popular gimmick they call the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This simple challenge has taken over social media. You may have seen videos of many people dumping buckets of ice cold water on their heads throughout your newsfeed on any social media platform you are on. You may even have been challenged yourself!

If you are not aware of the challenge, here’s the way it works: if you are challenged, you have 24 hours to either donate $100 or dump a bucket of ice water on your head. A lot of people question the theory and wonder how the Association could possibly be making any money with all the people who are choosing to dump the water..? Well, most people who dump the water are also donating when they can, so it is a win-win.

But raising ALS awareness is the main goal of the Ice Bucket Challenge. To help with that, we would like to challenge you in a different way. We challenge you to learn the facts about ALS. Here are some we found on www.ALSA.org to get you started:

  • ALS can strike anyone.
  • Approximately 5600 people are diagnosed with ALS in the United States each year.
  • Early symptoms include muscle weakness or stiffness progressing into wasting and paralysis of the muscles of the limbs and trunk as well as those that control vital functions like speech, swallowing and breathing.
  • There can be significant costs for medical care, equipment and home health care giving later in the disease.

It is important to have the right insurance in order to get a handle on the financial aspects of any disease or illness. Call us to find out how your health insurance will handle illnesses such as ALS.

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