Stress Isn’t Always Work Related

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relaxWhen we think of stress, we often associate it with a picture of a man in a suit and tie sitting behind a desk with his frustrated face uncomfortably resting in his tired hands.  There may be an unruly pile of papers in front of him that are just begging to be thrown across the room.  You may also see a bottle of stomachache relief medication or random cups of coffee on that desk.

While this is a common thought when it comes to stress, it is important to realize that stress can come in other settings as well – In the kitchen of the family with a newborn child, on the sports field of a volunteer-run team, or even in the bedroom of a preteen struggling to complete an extra tricky homework assignment.

Battling stress can be stressful in itself.  But finding ways to reduce stress in your life can make it much easier on you.  Reducing stress can reduce your chances of suffering later in life from illnesses like heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, obesity, depression and even premature death.

Find your best way to relieve stress and do it often.  As long as your stress reliever is also a healthy one, do it whenever you can.  For some people, all that is needed is a quick walk away from a stressful situation to hit their reset button.  For others, physical activity helps to keep stress at bay.  For others still, a relaxing massage or bubble bath will do the trick.

If you are having trouble with stress, contact your general practitioner for advice.  You can also check with your health insurance carrier to see if there are any programs within your coverage that can help as well.  We hope you are on the road to a stress-free life!




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