Ponche Means Punch

by bramirez

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In some parts of the world, gifts are not the major part of the Christmas celebration. For some people, the food is the most enticing part of this moment. These foods and drinks are prepared with care because they are time consuming, but delicious.  The following drink is a warm ponche, or punch,  – made from real fruits and served hot.

I know the idea of drinking hot fruit punch sounds crazy, but trust me when I say that this drink is beyond delicious. Your tastebuds will thank you for giving them a flavorable feast.

To make this drink, you will need:

40 qt pot                                                              water                                                    (1) Large piloncillo           

(10) small cinnamon sticks                           (2) sugar canes                                  (10) mandarins 

(10) oranges                                                       (10) apples                                          (15) guavas                        

(7) tamarind                                                       (10) Mexican Hawthorne              Hibiscus flowers (jamaica )


  1. Wash all of the fruit, except the tamarind
  2. Wash and drain the hibiscus flowers
  3. Peel the sugarcanes
  4. Remove the skin from the tamarind


  1. Cut the mandarins and oranges into small pieces – leave the skin
  2. Add the fruit to the pot
  3. Cut the peeled sugarcane into small pieces
  4. Add them to the pot
  5. Cut the apples into small pieces
  6. Add them to the pot
  7. Cut the guavas in half
  8. Add them to the pot
  9. Add the hibiscus flowers, Mexican Hawthorne, tamarind, cinnamon sticks, and piloncillo to the pot
  10. Fill the pot with water halfway
  11. Boil it



Once it is ready, it will have a dark red color to it. The color comes from the hibiscus flowers. The drink tastes best if served hot. Happy Holidays!

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